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christina oh, wack key we have a resolution that will pass unanimously for her services but i would like to read a few lines because kristiney you have served our city. since her childhood supervisor has become a strong advocate for justice and pro live ravings nuclear energy and over the past 30 years she stood against injustice? san francisco by improving conditions in hotel and is affordable hogs for low increase people and from 2010 to 12, she set the bar for progressive land use policy in san francisco and this year christina has represented district five and served those neighborhood in our city with passion, commit and an open mind, prioritizing ever each resident department in her districts in order to make district five safe, clean and a abuse place to live and work i'm not going to read the rest of of it but christina thank you i have known you for yeast and i know that we will continue to work together for many years to come and i want to thank you for your open mind and i want to thank you for doing what you thought is right and i want to thank you also for speaking your
dermawand, christina boves. para probar que funciona, ella lo uso en solo en un lado de su rostro por 12 semanas. mire la ceja, parece haberse levantado y las bolsas, las lineas, los pliegues y arrugas alrededor del area de los ojos se ven realmente disminuidas. la linea de la sonrisa se ve minimizada y la inflamacion de los pomulos tambien se ha reducido visiblemente. incluso el tamaÑo de los poros se ve mas pequeÑo. el lado tratado con el dermawand, muestra claramente una apariencia mas juvenil y se ve mas liso, tonificado y terso. esta fotografia se le tomo cuando tenia 42. esta es christina hoy... 16 aÑos despues, sin ninguna cirugia facial. se ve firme, tersa y absolutamente sensacional, con 58 aÑos! y usted tambien puede obtener resultados fabulosos en su propio hogar con dermawand. confiamos tanto en que dermawand les funcionara, que les mostraremos en vivo el tipo de resultados que dermawand puede brindarles. y para ayudarnos aqui esta la especialista en cuidado de la piel de dermawand, stella riches. >> gracias, lisa. le solicite a la produccion que realizara unas tomas fija
sfusd staff and once again i do want to say that christina wong and jennifer fong have been just great in helping us with our duties at the bbc -- bcc, and finally we have -- their guidance. that also helps us. they have quite -- i mean the report is like this thick, so they just keep us updated on what's going on and of course we go out and do visits so those are some of the things we have been able to do this year, and my colleagues are each going to address another portion of this. >> hi. i am abe [inaudible] and with the group with 2011 to 2012. our focus was on time in elementary and middle school. we particular focus on long-term el's and include fifth grade. we started kinder as potential student as defined by sfusd and the ioc. we request [inaudible] general schedule, and then allow us to make situation and speak with staff, students and families with ioc representation. we have five we can have more [inaudible] without ioc representative present. in our situation bcc a part of appropriate teaching strategy during instruction time. we note that many have after school pro
day. perfect timing. good weather, today is thursday, that means tomorrow is friday. christina loren is bringing it all for us. >> i am. and you know what, i'm looking, 10, 11 days out. it looks like as we get into next weekend and, ooh, after that we're going to get into a wet pattern. so, yeah, next saturday and sunday, looking to be very active. but this coming saturday and sunday, fantastic weather. you just can't beat it. california getting spoiled. 11:09 now, live look. hazy over the bay bridge this early, early morning. it's only 11:09, but your temperatures are climbing. 52 degrees in sunnyvale. 52 in gilroy. so the good news, we're already running about 3 to 4 degrees warmer and we're going to keep climbing this afternoon. temperatures getting close to the mid 60s, just about everywhere across the bay area. tomorrow we're going to be closer to 70 degrees. especially in the south bay we're getting our warmest readings and into the weekend, 70s at some beaches. in addition to that, the mavericks have been called. yeah. world-class surfing right here in the bay area. we're goin
my colleague, christina palone, the new director for the mayor's office for neighborhoods. christina palone. (applause) >> good evening, everyone. i'm happy to be a part of such a great ebit that celebrates the contributions made by residents and organizations throughout the city to make san francisco one of the greatest places to live. the mayor's office of neighborhood services also known as mons focuses on neighborhood outreach and engagement. it is an honor to be here with community leaders who are dedicated to the same principles and are positively changing our communities. the effect that one person can have in a community is truly inspiring. and it's that inspiration that drives each one of us to go out there and be a part of something bigger. i congratulate every award winner here tonight and let's not forget that every person here has the power to make a difference. i want to especially thank daniel and his team for being such instrumental leaders here in city hall on behalf of all communities and neighborhoods in san francisco. with that said, welcome and enjoy tonight's ev
christina loren sits in with it. the final friday of 2013. and a weekend upon us. what are we looking at? >> we're looking at some showers. rain on the way for the weekend. we'll help you make those outdoor plans nonetheless. i think you'll be aubl to get outdoors for most possibly saturday and sunday. but right now we're tracking some showers. this morning looking so great for outdoor activities on a friday afternoon. it's the warmest day of the week. temperatures now in the 50s. san francisco looking good. alcatraz very visible out there this morning. we don't have any fog to tell you about, but we do have the return of the clouds this morning. that's what's boosted your temperatures up at this hour. 50 degrees in san jose, 52 gilroy, 50 degree in santa cruz. we're headed to the mid-60s. three to five degrees warmer than yesterday. a mild and sunny finish to the day. tomorrow some showers starting to develop, but they'll come down for the most part while you're sleeping. just depends on where you live. we want to time that out for you. but the storm track will stay to our north all tl
supervisor here christina, thanks for being here, christina, the truth is you never left us, all through our city wild days, our mad supervisor existence, and most of all you kept your promises ♪ ♪ what's your city's name? ♪ who's your mayor? is he rich? is he rich like we? ♪ has he taken any time to show you what you city need to live? ♪ it's the time of the season -- >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. my name is barbara tangori. i've been living across the bay in oakland for several decades, but i do come back and forth, working on several campaigns. but i'm here tonight particularly for one person, who impressed me tremendously for her gutsy vote for sheriff ross mirkarimi to go back to work as sheriff of this city. christina olague, you were appointed into the position. you took a risk, and i admire you for your principle, rather than the political part of it. thank you very much. and i wish you all the very best. and i'm so glad i was here tonight because i heard a lot of wonderful things. i've never talked top pu i've never met you. i've never ev
to christina taylor green she's an energic third grader with a passion for dancing and baseball. she's the only girl on her little league team, and girl after my own heart she has a keen interest in politics, which is why two years ago today christina taylor green went to meet her congressional representative gabby giffords. on that day the same spray of gunfire that hit giffords killed christina green. the pain of losing a nine-year-old child is simply unimaginable. but her mother is turning her own heartbreak to a call to action in an new ad today. >> the sandy hook shooting. i know how much it hurts. my daughter was killed in a shooting. i have one question, when will you have the courage to stand up to the gun lobby? whose child will have to die next? >> jennifer: the sign some leaders have the courage to stand up. some leaders do have that courage. three of them is gabby giffords herself. she and her husband announced an initiative to launch a national dialogue and raise funds to count the influence of the gun lobby. the second leader willing to stand up to the gun lobby is new york mayor
and change will fall out. as we like to say. coming to us via skype is christina johansson an undergraduate and bob massy who is president of the new economics institute who is coming to us from boston. thank you both for coming inside "the war room." >> our pleasure. >> yes, thank you. >> jennifer: kristina, what are you learned about the invest portfolio and what are you trying to accomplish? >> thank you so much for having me on the show. so recently middle bury college has disclosed it has $30 million of its endowments invested in southfield companies and a process is underway to consider divestment. middle bury is known for its green commitments where it was the first school to have an environmental studies major and it's commitment to carbon by 2016. we've been working with the administration, and one of the founders of 360.org is a scholar in residence here and we're working to push the college to put its money where it's mouth is. >> jennifer: so what sort of response. they're just considering it. you don't know if they're going to do it yet right? >> currently there are a few pane
. >>> this is christina bailey, younger sister of one of our producers, roberta bailey. she's about to get bangs just for the cause. had you planned, christina, to get bangs before this segment? >> no, i hadn't. i do love how they look, though. >> right? >> for my new mysterious look. >> are you nervous at all? >> no. >> she has a large amount of hair. >> arson will be doing the work from lewis licari. good to see you. >> you want to make sure the bangs are done just for you. you don't want somebody else's bangs. that's the main thing. >> she started off looking like cousin it. >> framing it for your face. >> it has to really complement your face. >> do you have to have a certain hairline? i have a big cowlick. >> just make sure -- it only takes a minute to get bangs. >> okay, wait. let's focus on -- >> tamron, have you ever had bangs? >> of course, i've had bangs. >> they're going to be cute, christina. i can already tell. >> why is it we're so intrigued by bangs? it becomes the hot topic. what is it about bangs? >> if done right, it actually opens your face. >> really? >> it enhances your eyes. >>
know that christina loren braved the very cold weather from twin peaks in san francisco where it was supposed to snow. did it? >> no. wait till i show you the radar. i know you're excited. let's show you what we're not getting in the santa rosa area this morning. beautiful clear shot here. let's show you the radar. up in the north bay, we have a little bit of spotty activity. mount st. helena is getting a little bit of a dusting of snow. we take you a little further to the south over mt. hamilton, a little bit of a dusting. that's not what i'm talking about. let's get to it. take a look at big sur where we have some heavy snowfall coming down to 1,000 feet. that's where our snow ended up. we didn't have any active cells move over the bay area at the time. but still at 1,500 feet, even with temperatures climbing now that the sun is out. here in the bay area, still cold and it's going to get very cold throughout tonight. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. we're going to end up in the low 50s today. cold air rushing in throughout the day today. look at where we're headed.
, she's fine. she'll make it through the snap. thanks christina. >>> still ahead at 11:00, a frantic race to rescue a woman stuck in between two walls. how she got there in the first place. >>> also we'll tell you about children's products being recalled by a major retailer. we'll let you know exactly what you need to return and where. >>> this morning it was a pretty wild scene. a woman spending more than four hours wedged between two buildings in portland, oregon. that woman, anita mann was trapped in the space between the two walls until firefighters and rescue crews could finally free her. you could see them working. the incident started about 4:00 a.m. local time when the 30-year-old woman was seen at the stop and a passerby heard her scream. after cutting a hole in the walls, firefighters used a soap-like substance to finally free the woman. >> that last couple feet she had that look of determination, and i think we were all pretty convinced no matter what she was coming out that way. >> the good news is she appeared to be in good condition. she gave her husband a hug when they
took the app crazy blind date for a spin. >> create an account. i take a picture. >> christina is about to do something crazy in the name of research. she's a writer for the web site venture beat. the tech is an app called crazy blind date oo. so here is my mosaic. >> after scrambling your pick turk the app asks you when and where you want to meet someone. >> third would meet at starbucks today. >> suggested matches are anything but random. the app comes from okay cuban, a company founded on using maps to bring couples together. the original app had millions of users to get them to down load the new april, it blacked out fot yeez immediate response was outrage. >> but the co-founder told us it worked. >> we know of hundreds of dates have already happened in two day autos 6:00 p.m. he wants to meet. >> christina land that had date and headed out to this restaurant. >> i know nothing about this person. i have got his first name and ij after looking she found him, gave him a hug and headed inside. >> the word crazy is in the app this lived up to expectation there's would be something crazy
's happening here, supervisor christina olague, when you speak the truth, people don't like it. there were a bunch of whoever you call it who were sponsored by the machine, you know the machine, much like the mafia. much like the mafia. now today you've heard a few and there are many people at home and maybe you should go on kapu, you know, and talk about this. have a series of meetings. that's the only thing we can do. because these people are banked on treating good people like dirt. you know, the western addition is where middle class african americans were forced out and they died in the sro's. now the few, the last warriors, the last of the mohicans, you have wanna be's coming with new commissions trying to do this, that and the other and they have no respect, no respect for those who have gone before and done something. and it's not only in the western addition, it's in the bayview, the same thing. the same thing. we just had a meeting this morning, you know? it's the same thing. so, supervisor olague, keep on doing what you have done before, you did well at the planning dep
sure the roadway is still structurally sound. >> a wet, messy morning. christina loren is here to tell us what is going on outside. rain in places? >>> south bay. good news for marin county. the good news for everybody. back in the air quality range. today, doing much better in that department. i want to show you the live picture of san francisco. we are seeing a bit of sunshine from time to time. breaks of sun. that is the general pattern. the doppler radar tells the story. line of showers right now. watch out for showery conditions in san jose and seeing good shower activity developing in the east bay. i want to show you with we are expecting in the pleasanton area. you still have time to bring in things from the outdoors. mostly cloudy and mild with a few lingering showers. i will time out the system coming up. i want to tell you about thick fog we are expecting tomorrow morning. for the weekend, we almost made it. the unsettled pattern continues. >> i like the fact you deliver it right to the door step. >> i do what i can. >> we appreciate it. >>> coming up, a family affair. the ha
her, intended to walk home. wasn't far, about a mile. her usual ride, her sister christina was out of town. >> before we had left, me and/or my husband would always pick micaela up from school, and so we were, like, are you sure you're going to have a way home? >> this is something you do every day? >> this is something i do every day. it was the first time i left her. >> mickey was 16, a junior. clockwork reliable said her mother celia. >> micaela is not your typical teenager. that girl would check in with me all of the time. so we have a routine. i'm changing. i'm going to be heading out. i'm heading home. i'm home. >> always kept in touch. >> always. to a fault. >> as the sun began to set, celia was still working at one of the local casinos expecting mickey's usual check-in call. >> she did not call me to tell me track practice was over and she was getting ready. she didn't call me to tell me she was walking home, and so i started calling her phone, and it rang and rang and rang the first timeand then i called it right back because that was unusual, and it was like you hit the i
too far before police captured him. more on this story tonight allow the clock. -- 5:00. christina king of waldorf. investigators say she was avenue whenouthern a mini van rented the car. king kept going and then crashed into an ambulance. her car flipped over and caught fire. the ambulance and struck another vehicle. then struck another vehicle. i euro tonight. -- a hero tonight. heading home on interstate 64, fromhe saw smoke coming of a flatbed truck. he pulled up alongside to alert the driver. bertinelli stayed on the scene until emergency crews arrived. >> loved ones will honor the gardner.laura snyder- tomorrow afternoon at the auditorium on campus. daughter were killed .n an early-morning fire investigators are still not sure what exactly caused the fire. one of baseball's best players rest today. .t. louis cardinals he played for the team for 22 mbps andrning 3 team to three world series titles. >> a new super bug is racing across the country. it is a new strain of nori -- norovirus. can sanitizers will not help to prevent it. -- hand sanitizers will not help to prevent it.
back in a minute, christina. >>> firefighters say the weather may be indirectly responsible for a house fire in east san jose. crews responding to a two-story house fire in eastern foothills. that happened about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. they say that entire roof was on fire when they arrived. a total of six people who lived in that home were able to get out safely. the cause of this fire right now remains under investigation. but the people who live there say they had a fire going in their fireplace when the bigger fire ultimately broke out. >>> new this morning, firefighters trying to figure out the cause of a fire that just ripped through a single-story five-plex on action street. one person there was taken to the hospital for some minor burns and smoke inhalation. that fire caused a total of about $50,000 worth of damage. >>> also in berkeley, an unstable hillside forcing the berkeley lab to relocate some of its employees. there are pictures there posted by a professional photographer to the website flicker. the lab says rain has created a muddy mess on the hillside of mcmillan road
redevelopment in the western addition. >> sponsor is christina olague. my understanding is she is to be joining us. my understanding is that there are no department presentations and i'm wondering if we can go to public comment and then hopefully the sponsor will join us. so we'll hear first from planning and then from supervisor olague. so we have aaron star from planning. >> thought you forgot about me. good afternoon, supervisors, aaron star, planning department staff. i'm here to speak about current efforts to do a rezoning, create a name neighbor commercial district in an area that was previously under the authority of the redevelopment authority. we are trying to create a named area, the planning code has two categories of neighborhood commercial districts, one is an individual namedd neighborhood commercial district. they are found throughout the city and when you make a change to one of these districts it affects all property zoned that throughout the city. named neighbor commercial districts are areas like the upper fillmore ncd, polk street ncd and when changes are made to these d
in memory, i'm sure of christina? >> well, i'm going to make sure that christina taylor did not die in vain and the thousands of other young people and children that have died in the past. i'm in this for the long haul. i'm seriously -- and maybe i'm wrong, but i'm very, very confident that something will happen soon. >> let me ask you finally, because it is two years. what would you like people to remember about your little girl? >> christina was a beautiful little girl. she was very, very smart. she was a giver. and she wanted this country to be as good as she imagined it to be. for as long as it takes i'll fight with my friends and family to make sure the country is as good as she imagined. >> roxanne green, it is so good to be with us today. thank you so much. >> i appreciate it, thank you. >> today's tweet of the day comes from nicholas kristof. i also grew up driving and enjoying cars. why not regulate guns for safety the way we regulate cars. we've . when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way
-old christina taylor green lost her life in tucson. her mom is featured in a new ad by mayors against illegal guns. >> my 9-year-old daughter was murdered in the tucson shooting. i have one question for political leader, when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby. whose child has to die next? to every mother, we cannot wait. we have to demand a plan. >> michael bloomberg, who is behind the gun control group talked with msnbc's quts morning joe about the honest difficult fight ahead. >> nobody is trying to take away your gun or right to go hunting or target shooting or have protection in your home. simply they are trying to have reasonable things so people aren't killed and you saw this woman talking about her 9-year-old daughter. every parent sits there and thinks, if it was my kid -- >> joining me now from tucson, patricia maisch. we really appreciate you making time for us this morning. as we talk about the anniversary of what took place there in tucson two years ago, groups like the brady campaign to prevent gun violence are calling for a day of action. this comes two days
me now to talk about all of this, christina antonio, political reporter, and ed o'keefe for "the washington post". good to have you guys in the flesh. usually it's in double boxes and this is a nice treat. >> let's throw another number on the screen, christina. this is the president's approval rating as he goes into his second term. right now, 52%, according to the poll, say they approve of the job that president obama is doing so far. how does that compare to other two-term presidents? >> he is not quite as popular as many other presidents and he's a little bit higher than george w. bush was going into his second term, but it really reflects that and when you look at the breakdown of the job approval rating and what people like, he's okay, just over the 50% mark in those polls, but personally, they like him a lot and that's playing a lot into how the president is pushing his agenda, how he's framing his second term and it also makes a huge difference when it comes to dealing with congressional republicans who are on the other side of that popularity. >> we'll talk about this lat
is the originator of this. thank you, daniel. (applause) >> also i want to acknowledge his right hand christina palone, the new director, mon, mayor's office neighborhood services over there in that corner. (applause) >> and for those of you that don't know, i represent district 10, that's the southeast neighborhoods. that's bayview, that's potrero hill, visitacion valley, it's a little hollywood, it's dogpatch. it used to be the portola, half of it. my heart is still with you, but i'm glad like the speaker said, it is whole. and that is what's important, is that that neighborhood remains whole so that our city will be whole. you agree? [cheering and applauding] cheers >> so, a few years back there was this little idea to take back the bayview and really began to rewrite the history and the narrative that we often hear about in bayview. and it actually started, ironically, with a small little abandoned swath of land that has grown up to become the cuseda garden. and it's the thought child and the physical manifestation of hard work, of a few community leaders that got together and rolled up the
and christina who is away at college for their endless support and dinners and the long evenings of events that i'm not home. i love you very much. you're all my support glue. thank you board of education members, superintendent carranza, principal carol fong, the teachers who are here and the great community for this great honor and award and recognition. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. we also like to call to the podium our chief of early learning carla bryant and director of early education to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the san francisco unified school district early education department. [applause] >> turn this -- >> good evening superintendent, president norton, vice mayor president fewer and board commissioners. it gives me great honor to talk about the wonderful history of the program now known as the early education department. the program has been in the district for 70 years serving family children from low income and high risk communities. we would like to take time in our day to actually celebrate those 70 years by actually doing besides the resoluti
. the judge threw out the request. on monday, jurors heard from christina barnes, phylicia barnes older sister, and the ex- girlfriend of johnson. she testified that she said johnson made a pass at kalisha. she also found things missing from her apartment at about the same time that phylicia disappeared. >> temperatures have warmed up more than expected. it is the first time we've been above 50 in eight days. currently at 58 at the airport. 57 downtown. still in the upper 40's into the suburbs. 60 degrees at the airport this afternoon. everyone else will be in the mid 50's. most cloudy through the evening hours. a sprinkle possible tonight. better rain chances going through tomorrow afternoon. a cold front comes to the area and temperatures will be changing. >> still ahead, from chicken wings to nachos and debt, dishing out a couple of extra bucks for the big game. brendan morocco lost all of his limbs while serving in iraq. now he has been given >> a soldier who lost all four of his limbs in iraq is on his way to recovery. brendon morocco was injured while serving in iraq in 2009. he is the f
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 332 (some duplicates have been removed)